It looks like we have another Galaxy Note getting upgraded to Android 4.1.2. Earlier in the day we saw details about the Verizon branded Galaxy Note II update and now we have details of the AT&T branded Galaxy Note (i717). The AT&T Galaxy Note update will be available beginning on May 3, 2013, however those looking for the update should know that it will not be coming over-the-air.

The AT&T Galaxy Note update will only be available for download using Kies. As this update will have you jumping from Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly Bean, there will be plenty of changes and improvements. Just to name a few, Jelly Bean means goodies such as Google Now, the improved (and actionable) notifications and the smoothness that comes as a result of Project Butter.

AT&T has also said those going forward with the update will get an enhanced version of S Note. This simply means S Note users will have additional effects and templates available for use. This update also includes a handful of other changes including the ability to handwrite (and send) memos or notes in email. The remaining items include the following;

  • *Popup note: Allows user to instantly write down directions, phone numbers, and other information while on a call.
  • *Popup Video and Browser: Allows user to watch video or browse the web while performing other tasks.
  • *Photo note and frame: Allows user to write down notes on the front and back of a photo.
  • *Easy clip: Allows user to crop an image from any screen and save or share easily.
  • *Paper artist: Provides an emotional & aesthetic photo editing experience.

Otherwise, while the upgrade process should keep all existing data, having the important items backed up before you begin may be a good idea. And given this update is only available using Kies, the backup portion should be easy enough to make happen — after all, Kies has the ability to create a backup.

[via AT&T]

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