Last week the folks from AT&T announced that they’ll be offering another device exclusively from Samsung, and that is their impressive Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet. After initially confirming the news, this afternoon AT&T is back sharing all of the details and pricing. You can get your own 4G LTE powered Note 8.0 Friday June 21st, for just $399, and even less with a bundle.

Samsung told us they’d be sending their Galaxy Note 8.0 to AT&T complete with 4G LTE later this month, and now we know you’ll be able to get your own starting Friday. The 8-inch 720p HD display and quad-core powered tablet is impressive already with all the S-Pen stylus features, but add in 4G LTE and you’re set.

You can get your own from AT&T for $399 alongside a new 2-year contract, which is a pretty decent deal considering they aren’t raising the price for the LTE model, as long as you sign a contract. However, the good news is that AT&T will also be offering a bundle deal that surely will make plenty happy. Too bad they didn’t do this for Fathers Day.

If you also pick up Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 flagship smartphone, as a bundle deal AT&T will be offering the Note 8.0 for only $199 and a new 2-year contract, essentially making it half off and a pretty darn good deal. This same bundle applies to those looking to buy the Galaxy S4 Active or the Galaxy Note II. So if you’re getting a Samsung, get the Note 8.0 for half off and enjoy it. More details can be found from the AT&T Blog below.

Who is buying one now?