The LG G Watch may be the more expensive of the two first Android Wear smartwatches, but thanks to a promo from AT&T, you can actually pull down that price tag lower than the Samsung Gear Live. If you’re willing to buy 2 accessories that you may or may not use, you can get the G Watch from AT&T plus those two accessories, for a total of $179.25, shaving off 25 percent from the standard price.

The way it works is that AT&T is offering discounts when you buy accessories, starting at 10 percent off when you buy two, to up to 25 percent off when you buy three. Since the G Watch actually counts as an accessory, you only need to add two more to your cart to avail of that extra low price. Best of all, you don’t need to subscribe to any AT&T wireless service to avail of it.

While almost any accessory applies that percentile discount, to get the lowest price possible, you have to choose the ones with the lowest price tags too. In this case, it will have to be the Body Glove Large Universal Sleeve and the Body Glove Large Universal Travel Case, sold for $35 and $70, respectively, but ends up $5 each after applying the online discount. This is further reduced by $1.25 because of the accessory promo.


It is unknown whether AT&T is well aware of what looks like to be a very wily way to get the G Watch cheap or if it is an offer that will soon be gone. So if you are in the market for a smartwatch and don’t mind an AT&T branded G Watch or two potentially useless accessories, this might be an offer you’ll want to snatch up at once. That said, there are still many Android Wear unbelievers who are unlikely to be tempted by this drastically reduced price, and even among those who believe, some will prefer to wait for the Moto 360, even if it does end up a bit more expensive than the G Watch’s regular price tag.

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VIA: Slickdeals