Live free with AT&T is the slogan they are throwing around. Apparently AT&T would like to give 15 lucky subscribers a deal that is too good to pass up. They have just started their Live Free Sweepstakes and they will be paying your entire AT&T bill for an entire YEAR — I’m liking the sound of this already. All you must do is head over to the sign up page and fill her out and you are all set.

I haven’t seen much advertisement regarding this sweepstakes but it starts on July 26th, and from what I’m reading they will be giving out 15 grand prizes. That grand prize is they will pay your AT&T bills for an entire year. Sounds pretty awesome right? It looks like the limit is $300 a month so if you have a large family they will only be helping with the bills, not paying them completely. Each week they will choose a winner.

They are also giving away 15 gift cards in the amount of $100 dollars for people that share this sweepstakes with more than 5 friends on Facebook and or Twitter. Make sure you look over the Official Rules so you don’t get anything wrong. I have T-Mobile and somehow I doubt I’d be able to talk them into paying my bills for a year, even though they are supposed to be buying T-Mobile here soon. But hey it’s worth a shot right? I’ll go ahead and enter anyways.

[via AT&T]