AT&T is pledging $100 million to aid children in getting an education. Their donation comes in the form of broadband access to various middle-schools and other educational resources, and is meant to aid kids in learning via mobile devices. This compliments other ventures AT&T has made into funding education via technology, and could serve as an entry-level introduction to their Aspire program.

This new donation of $100 million worth of broadband access is meant for “educational websites, applications and services, and professional development to help middle-school students and their teachers.” There were no details offered regarding where the broadband access would go, only that it was aimed a middle school-aged children.

This compliments their work with ConnectEd, a program aimed at low-income school districts who may not have the funding or access to technology kids will need. Their Aspire program is also meant at preparing graduates for the real world, where the focus is success in high school and readiness for life after. This new donation of broadband could dovetail with Aspire, providing a more well-rounded technological education.

“Providing access to mobile broadband for educational purposes and the tools teachers need to help their students excel is a foundational building block to improving educational results” said AT&T Senior Vice President of External and Legislative Affairs Jim Cicconi. Being adept with technology is much more a concern now than ever before. As we become more connected, it’s those kids who aren’t that suffer the most, and AT&T is taking steps to bridge the gap for them.

Source: AT&T

VIA: PR Newswire, Phone Arena