ATT Plans Home Online Learning for Children

This year has been tough for most people. The challenges may be overwhelming but they shouldn’t stop us from living and learning. If you’re fortunate enough to still work and enroll your children in school, just be patient and do everything to help manage your everyday activities. One way is to look for gadgets that work and find a reliable Internet connection. Remote schooling can be efficient if you are always connected and that is only possible with an excellent provider.

In the US, Internet connection is generally reliable. The only challenge is to get something that is within your budget but still work. AT&T has recently introduced a new wireless data offering for students and even the whole family.

Wireless data plans offered to public and private K-12 schools, colleges, and universities are discounted. New and existing lines of service can take advantage of this. Students can avail of the discounted offer even if they already have a qualifying unlimited data plan. The price is only $15 per month. Schools can transfer the plan to students or given them free hot spot usage.

Teachers can also benefit from this. AT&T will offer teachers a line with the same service. It can be given for every 24 students that get the discounted plan. Mainly, schools must go to AT&T to avail of the offer before December 29.

This is a great deal for schools, teachers, students, and families. Let’s just hope schools in the country will work fast in claiming the offer.



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