Coming just a few days after the previous expansion, AT&T has announced the latest for the 4G LTE network rollout. The last time around brought good news for those in select cities of Kansas, Missouri and Texas and as of today it looks like new and expanded coverage has arrived for those in seven states as well as in Puerto Rico.

Those seven states include Alabama, Kentucky, Michigan, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and West Virginia. Starting first with the coverage for Alabama, here we are seeing coverage as having been added for Monroeville and Evergreen. Coverage for Kentucky includes Frankfort and the coverage for Michigan includes Saginaw and Bay City.

The newly added coverage in Tennessee is for those in Cookeville and McMinnville. The LTE coverage for those in Texas now includes Beeville. The remaining coverage included in this round is for those in Aberdeen, Washington; Ashland and Huntington, West Virginia and Vieques, Puerto Rico.

Bottom line here, this is just another round of LTE expansions from AT&T. Perhaps the more interesting bit is how these updates seem to be coming on a fairly regular basis. By that, we have been seeing a few updates per month and as previously mentioned, the last came just a few days back. Anyway, those in any of these locations may want to head out and begin taking advantage of these newly increased speeds.