AT&T has announced the latest 4G LTE expansion. This time around we are seeing new coverage and expanded coverage across Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Ohio and Virginia. For the most part this latest LTE expansion includes one market per state, but regardless, it does mean faster speeds.

With that, this expansion brings 4G LTE coverage for those in Rockford, Illinois; Williston, North Dakota; Youngstown-Warren, Ohio and Farmville, Virginia. There were are few markets added in Minnesota. Those include Fairmont, Owatonna and Rochester.

In addition, coverage has been added for those in the Saginaw and Bay City areas of Michigan. Looking to the New York coverage and we see an expansion in and around the Niagra Falls area. AT&T has offered quite a bit of detail on this market and has it all broken down as follows;

  • Niagara Falls: Niagara Falls State Park, Niagara Falls Observation Tower, Niagara Falls Boulevard, Niagara Thruway (Interstate 190), Niagara Falls International Airport and terminals, Rainbow Bridge, Buffalo Avenue (Route 384), Walnut Avenue (Route 62), Beach Ridge, Amherst Veterans Canal Park, Hennepin Park, Hoffman, Jayne Park, LaSalle Expressway, Ninety First Street Park, Seventieth Street Park, West Canal County Park, Love Canal, Mario Park, Military Boulevard (Route 265), Nashville, Gluck Park, Goat Island, Main Street (Route 104), John Day Boulevard, DeVeaux Woods State Park, Robert Moses Parkway, Devils Hole State Park, and Hyde Park Boulevard (Route 61).
  • Lewiston: Academy Park, Earl W. Brydges Art Park, Kiwanis Park, Niagara Thruway (Interstate 190), Ridge Road (Route 104), Robert Moses Parkway, and Upper Mountain Road.
  • Northern Grand Island: Bedell Road, Bedell Road Park, Buckhorn Island State Park, East-West Park Road, Grand Island Boulevard (Route 324), Niagara Thruway (Interstate 190), Sandy Beach, and Veterans Park.

Bottom line here, this means now would be a good time for those in any of these markets to start considering an LTE capable device for their next upgrade. AT&T has more than a few LTE smartphones and tablets to choose from including the Galaxy S 4 and Galaxy S 4 Active as well as the HTC One.

We have yet to see a release date, but AT&T is expected to launch the Moto X sometime later this month. Otherwise, those who happen to be in one of these markets with an LTE device already in hand — now seems like a perfect time to begin taking advantage of these new speeds.