AT&T has announced a new device protection plan this morning. This new setup will allow AT&T users to protect multiple devices under one plan, and interestingly, it will allow users to get protection for devices that aren’t connected to the AT&T network.

This plan is called the AT&T Multi-Device Protection Pack and it will be available from May 23 with prices beginning at $29.99 per month. Naturally, that monthly rate will vary depending on what you are looking to protect. While the plan allows you to protect devices that aren’t connected to the AT&T network, the primary device will need to be AT&T.

Users will need to pick the primary device, the one that is connected to the AT&T network. Further details show the primary device must be active under a postpaid monthly service. From this point users can connect an additional two devices. And to clarify, these additional two devices are the ones that do not need to be AT&T connected.

In this case it seems the plan offers options for replacement, support and device location. Simply put, the AT&T Multi-Device Protection Pack offers options to replace a lost, stolen or damaged device, and also get support over the phone or using a web chat setup. That said, as with any protection plan — there are some specifics and some fine print that should be read prior to making a commitment. For that you can hit the source list sitting below.