This week we’ve been seeing plenty of earnings reports for the second quarter of the year, and today AT&T is sharing all the details regarding their Q2 of 2013. While their U-Verse and household options have been doing well, their large revenue numbers are in part due to strong smartphones sales. Most notably, Android smartphone sales.

During their Q2 2013 earnings report AT&T announced nearly $32.1 billion in revenue and strong shares growth, and that all comes on the heels of having a strong quarter backed by roughly 6.8 million smartphone sales. The press release goes on to mention this quarter, compared to years past, saw a record number of Android sales.

At the end of the day it looks like AT&T is thanking their smartphone and mobile sales, as well as a strong growth and expansion of their “nations fastest 4G LTE” network. AT&T talked about reaching nearly 400 markets by the end of 2013, and their entire 4G LTE rollout will be wide and 100% complete by the middle of next year.

They added over 551,000 wireless postpaid subscribers, and data usage has nearly increased 50% from this time last year. Which means all those data plans are certainly coming in handy over at AT&T. Their wireless revenue was up 5.7% and they added over 1.2 million smartphone subscribers as well. Which accounts for roughly 88% of postpaid sales.

There’s a lot of numbers to cover, but in the end it looks like AT&T had a well-rounded quarter, and the future remains quite strong. We didn’t get exact Android smartphone sales numbers, but for those wanting more details hit the link below.