This entire story is just a bit odd but after reading over a few details I just had to write it up. Basically AT&T isn’t helping their case one bit regarding the AT&T T-Mobile merger. Apparently a statement was spotted in the FCC filing that had a portion redacted by AT&T and now we look over things it just doesn’t make any sense.

It seems AT&T stated they only need $3.8 billion to bring 4G LTE to 97% of their subscribers based the current state and progress of things. Now I know $3.8 Billion is a pretty big hunk of change but not for them, especially when you consider what they offered T-Mobile for the buyout — does anyone remember? $39 Billion, yea a huge difference.

AT&T is stating in their case for the T-Mobile buyout that they absolutely need the merger to go through. Basically saying they need the available spectrum’s and infrastructure in place via T-Mobile to help them rollout and continue to build their 4G LTE network. So if you step back and look at that, the FCC filing states they only need $3.8 billion in funding to complete the rollout and fully build up their LTE network. All the while they are also saying it is crucial that they buy T-Mobile for the whopping $39 billion that was agreed upon. Wouldn’t it be much easier to just spend the $3.8 billion — just a thought.

So in a round about way everything they have been saying regarding the need for T-Mobile was completely undercut with the leaked documents from the FCC filing and the $3.8 billion statement. Unless there is much more details that we don’t know, it appears they think everyone doesn’t know basic math. While I only briefly read into AT&T’s official statement things just seem a bit off and don’t really make any sense. For more details hit the source link and check out AT&T’s complete response.

[via SlashGear]