Out from the camps at AT&T are a few red hot comments regarding the recent T-Mobile layoffs. In case you missed the news T-Mobile will be closing 7 call centers and over 3,000 employee’s will be out of a job. Today AT&T has made a few comments on the matter basically blaming the government and the FCC for the layoffs. More details after the break.

Apparently when T-Mobile and AT&T were looking to merge these call centers all would have stayed up and running, and shutting down the merger is the reason the centers will be closed, as T-Mobile is forced to make cutbacks. Showing their wings today, Jim Cicconi, AT&T’s EVP of external and legislative affairs made a quick comment about the situation and blames the FCC.

Normally, we’d not comment on something like this. But I feel this is an exception for one big reason — only a few months ago AT&T promised to preserve these very same call centers and jobs if our merger was approved.”

He also goes on to say that AT&T predicted that without the merger T-Mobile would be forced to make multiple layoffs and cutbacks – and that is now exactly what seems to be happening. This is basically AT&T saying it’s all your fault, or we told you so. If you’d like to read more and here the thoughts and comments right from the source head to AT&T’s blog. I would call this type of quick jab at the government and the FCC something of poor taste but AT&T does have a point here, even if I didn’t want the merger to go through myself.

Thoughts on the situation or the comments?

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