AT&T seems to be on a slight roll in terms of new and available plans. Earlier in the week we saw a limited time promo plan arrive for new and existing customers, and as of today, the carrier has launched an updated family plan. This one is being teased as a family plan that offer the “best-ever prices.”

The basic structure is similar to what we have been seeing with family plans up until this point in that you can use this plan with multiple devices. But instead of starting with unlimited talk and text and adding in a block of data based on your needs — this AT&T option includes 10GB. The breakdown of pricing comes in with how many smartphones you are adding to the account.

The pricing begins at $130 per month for two smartphones. From this point it climbs to $145, $160 and $175 for three, four and five smartphones respectively. You can likely see the increase there — an extra $15 per smartphone. In fact, once you climb above the five smartphone level, AT&T notes how things are “easy” and you just add $15 more per line.

This plan option is available for new and existing customers. Perhaps key here, it will be available as of today, February 2rd. The other key aspect here is which devices it will be compatible with. Aside from looking towards smartphones, this one is available for use by those who bring a device, purchase one at full retail, or by using the AT&T Next purchase option.