With TV subscription down for the past few years with the emergence of video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc, they would have to come up with something pretty drastic or creative to get back their viewers. Well, we can’t describe this as creative, but AT&T is using the lure of unlimited wireless service, something they removed a few years ago, to get back the subscribers they’ve lost or to get new ones.

So yes, the carrier is actually bringing back their unlimited data plans, but only if you have either a DirectTV or U-verse subscription. So if you were thinking of getting rid of your current subscription, you might want to think again. That is, if you actually want to have unlimited data once again since you want to stream your favorite videos on your streaming services, which should make your current TV subscription obsolete. You see the problem you have here?

But of course, if you do want the unlimited data, then you have no choice but to stick with them for a while longer. And they do promise that they will still offer “high-quality video streaming with no compromises in video quality and no forced lessening of video resolution.” That may be in reference to their competitor, T-Mobile that automatically downgrades YouTube videos to 480p.

The unlimited plan will be at $100 for one line, and then you can add other lines for just $40, with the fourth one offered for free. But of course that doesn’t include yet your TV service fee. You can start getting the new unlimited plan from AT&T by January 12, 2016.

VIA: SlashGear