AT&T is working to network gamers on the Android platform.  Working with social gaming site “OpenFeint,” the new network will not only link Android users, but allow gamers across multiple platforms to compete for high scores while chatting with multiple players.  OpenFeint is a leader in the social gaming with 65 million registered users playing over 4,500 games for both Android and iPhone devices.

“We’re thrilled to work with AT&T to bring cross platform social gaming to their users,” said Jason Citron, OpenFeint’s chief executive. “With a greatly expanded player audience, this is also great news for Android developers looking to sell games.”

With Verizon cozying up to Apple, AT&T has seen itself left increasingly out in the cold, it makes sense that the MaBell would look to Android to expand it’s reach and working with social gaming sites future proofs it’s business model since mobile handsets are getting more powerful and game centric.

[via Mobiledia]