Sometimes you need data-only plans for your other devices like tablets, laptops, computers, if you don’t have stable WiFi connection at home or in the office or if you move around a lot. AT&T is one of the carriers that offers a data-only plan called DataConnect and now they have refreshed the plans as well as the prices. You can get a 25GB plan for $50 a month and a 40GB plan for $75 per month, as long as you do the auto-pay and paperless billing options.

Originally, the DataConnect plans were at $60 per month for 15GB and $85 a month for just 35GB. Now the new price tiers are not only relatively cheaper, they also have an extra 5GB. And for those that are using their tablets, laptops, computers for work or for studying, that extra 5GB will definitely come in handy. But of course, you’ll only get the $50 per month and $75 per month if you enroll your account in both autopay and also paperless billing, both of which should make your life easier.

So far, AT&T seems to have one of the most reasonable data-only plans in the market. As per Android Police, Verizon only has prepaid data available and they are more expensive than the ones AT&T are offering. Their competition here is T-Mobile which has $60 per month for 50GB and even has “unlimited” for $75 per month. What AT&T has as an advantage is that it supports unlocked devices and eSIMs so DataConnect can be used with any non-phone device that is compatible to the network.

Having data-only plans is pretty useful and important for those that work remotely or who travel within the country a lot. Tablets and laptops need to be connected but doing a hotspot connection from your phone is not always the best way. And as we see the U.S economy start to open up again, traveling will slowly begin to pick up again. So AT&T’s new DataConnect plans may have come at the right time.

The new DataConnect plans are now available on the AT&T website in case you’re interested. AT&T of course would like people to also purchase devices from them and there are a lot of tablet choices there anyway.


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