It isn’t often we get the chance to write about carriers doing truly amazing things, but today is an exception to that. AT&T and T-Mobile have announced that they will be opening up their networks for customers of both carriers in New York and New Jersey, two areas that have been hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. Since both companies use GSM and UTSM networks, it means that users will be able to switch between the two networks with no problem.

Users don’t have to do anything to use one or the other, either – when you place a call, your phone will just use whichever network is stronger in your location. AT&T and T-Mobile promise that this will be a seamless transition for customers, and that there won’t be any changes or extra charges to their plans. That’s definitely a good thing, because if you’re in an area that has been hit by Hurricane Sandy, the last thing you need is a headache from your carrier.

There’s no word on how long AT&T and T-Mobile will keep this up, but it seems safe to assume that there isn’t a solid end date in place at the moment. Instead, the carriers will likely allow customers to use both networks until the recovery process in these areas is well underway. So there you have it folks – if you’ve been hit hard by Hurricane Sandy and you’re either a T-Mobile or AT&T customer, you chances of getting a call through to loved ones or to rescue crews just went way up.

We have to give AT&T and T-Mobile major kudos for this one. It’s really good to see two major carriers coming together to help out those that have been affected by Hurricane Sandy, and hopefully it helps some folks get in touch with family members or get the assistance they need. Keep it tuned here to Android Community for more, as we’ll update you if we hear anything new about this AT&T and T-Mobile team up.

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