It’s taken them long enough to deliver, but Google have finally added a version of the Nexus One with support for AT&T and Rogers Wireless’ 3G/UMTS bands.  Priced at the same $529 as the original Nexus One, the new handset supports the 850/1900/2100MHz frequencies as well as being quadband GSM.

The addition follows news reports from analysts that sales figures of the original Nexus One have been particularly disappointing, with only 135,000 devices shipped in the first 74 days it was on sale.  One of the key criticisms of Google has been that they failed to add in AT&T support, leaving Nexus One buyers only able to use T-Mobile in the US if they wanted 3G connectivity.

So far there’s no sign of a subsidized AT&T/Rogers Nexus One on Google’s phone site.

[Thanks Toby!]


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