AT&T and Fon have announced a new partnership that will mean more WiFi hotspot access for customers of both companies. Basically, AT&T users will now have access to Fon hotspots and Fon users will now have access to AT&T hotspots. The agreement has been signed and things will be going into effect immediately.

According to details coming from the announcement, this means AT&T users will gain access to the “hundreds of thousands” of international Fon hotspots. On the other side, Fon users will gain access to the “more than 30,000” hotspots across the US. Those AT&T hotspots can be found at a variety of locations including restaurants, hotels, bookstores and retailers.

Further details here point to this hotspot sharing including support for smartphones as well as other WiFi enabled devices. Those looking to get started will need to download and install the AT&T WiFi International app (available from the Play Store). That app is available for devices running Android 2.2 or later and brings features to include the ability to authenticate to partner hotspots without needing to enter a user name and password.

In addition, the app also allows users to see partner hotspots that are within range and search based on city and/or country with a map view and a list view for all available hotspots.

Anyway, as one would expect, both companies appear happy with this agreement. Fon has said they are “happy to be an important part of their [the AT&T] global Wi-Fi strategy” and AT&T has said they are using Fon to further expand their international Wi-Fi availability which in turn, will make it “easier for AT&T customers to stay connected to what matters most during their travels abroad.”

SOURCE: PR Newswire