Audi and AT&T are now considering your car as a device. The two companies have teamed up to offer AT&T’s LTE service in the 2015 Audi A5. The car, which launches in a few weeks, will come with six months of LTE service, with two pricing options available once the initial trial is over.

Once the included data is up, A5 owners can get an additional 6 months for $99. For your benjamin, you’ll get 5GB data over the six months — not per month. If you want a longer plan with a bit of savings, there is a 30 month plan which offers you 30GB data for $499. Again, that’s for the life of the plan, bringing you about 1GB monthly.

This summer, AT&T will be bringing the connected car to your data plan. The carrier will let owners of a new A5 add the “device” to their mobile share plan, just as you would any other data capable device. It brings an interesting wrinkle to connected vehicles, with plans some consider a slap in the face.

Though we don’t think you’ll use a car as you would a smartphone, there are many use-cases for more data in a connected car. Audi says the data can be used for things like streaming radio, navigation, and social networking — all things that could easily topple the data limit imposed by AT&T and Audi. Though it sounds silly, it looks like adding a car to your plan really is the best option, here.

Via: SlashGear