AT&T currently offers wireline services under the “All In One” brand and come this summer, the carrier may begin using that same brand for a new pre-paid wireless offering. The details have yet to be confirmed by AT&T, however it is believed that the All In One pre-paid services will be launching in June. These plans are expected to be priced from $35 per month.

According to a Fierce Wireless report, AT&T will have an All In One plan available for feature phones and another for smartphones. The prices will be $35 and $50 per month respectively. The feature phone option will include unlimited talk and text as well as a yet to be specified amount of data.

The smartphone plan will also include unlimited talk and text, however they will also have 2GB of data. Additionally, there was mention of another smartphone plan that will include unlimited talk and text with 5GB of data for $70 per month. Of course, all this came with the warning that the “plans could change before they are launched.”

While this pre-paid All In One service is expected to launch nationwide in June, it looks like AT&T will be doing some testing this month. A specific date for the test period hasn’t been mentioned, however the test markets look to include Florida and Texas. Otherwise, this does bring question as to what AT&T will do with the currently available GoPhone brand. Basically, it is up in the air as to whether this will run alongside or replace GoPhone.