AT&T has introduced more data for some GoPhone plans, following in the footsteps of rival T-Mobile. The updated data scheme doesn’t raise cost for consumers, either, as all plan pricing stays as-is. In addition to the new data plans, AT&T is rolling out a new basic phone plan at $45/month.


The update for their data plans brings an extra 500MB data to the $60/month option — up to 2.5GB from 2GB. That plan will also give users unlimited talk and the ability to use their phone as a hotspot. The $40/month plan is also being updated to provide double the monthly data previously offered — 500MB, up from 250MB. That plan gives users 500 minutes of talk monthly.

The other two smartphone plans for GoPhone have not been altered. The $25/month plan is basic, and requires a data add-on, while the $50/month plan is a bit different from the rest. You get unlimited everything, but all data must be done over WiFi. The $45/month basic phone plan provides 1GB data with unlimited talk, but is only available in Wal-Mart stores.

It may not be quite as good as T-Mobile’s prepaid plan lineup, but it’s better for those who happen to be with GoPhone currently. More data is always appreciated, and the ability to create a WiFi hotspot is definitely a plus.