AT&T is getting into the LG G Watch game as they will be accepting pre-orders for the smartwatch, as well as the heralded LG G3 smartphone by July 8. Both gadgets will be available at AT&T retail stores by July 11. The G Watch will be the first time that the carrier is offering a wearable that is powered by Android Wear and they are offering it at the standard retail price of $229.

AT&T is also offering a special discount for those who will be pre-ordering or buying the LG G3 or the LG G Flex on a two-year subscription plan. They will be able to get 50% off on several LG accessories like Tone Ultra Bluetooth Stereo Headset or the G3 folio case that can charge wirelessly but most importantly, the G Watch itself. But they are also offering the LG G3 on a zero down and no annual contract offer as well, for as low as $24.17 per month.

The LG G Watch is the first to be revealed among the wearable gadgets that will be using the brand new Android Wear platform. It boasts of a 400mAh battery that can allow it to last the whole day without charging and a 1.65-inch display that is easy on the eyes for a wearable. It is compatible with any Android smartphone and can also be personalised by changing the 22m strap.


We’ve previously waxed lyrical about the LG G3, calling it “the phone every Android OEM should make.” With its 5.5-inch screen and 2560×1440 resolution, LG’s flagship phone seems to be a cut above the rest of the smartphones currently in the market.