The rivalry between carriers AT&T and T-Mobile has come to another somewhat amusing turn. It seems that AT&T’s promo to practically bribe T-Mobile subscribers to jump ship has suddenly and quietly ended, a fact that T-Mobile CEO John Legere couldn’t resist pointing out in a tweet.

Early January, AT&T announced a new deal that singled out switchers coming from long time rival T-Mobile. This deal offered a total of $450 to anyone who make the change, $250 for trading in their device and an extra $200 for each line. This was largely seen as a preemptive act by AT&T based on rumors that T-Mobile would be handling early termination fees of those switching to it.


Legere, who doesn’t mince words when it comes to his rivals, said on Twitter that people weren’t falling for AT&T’s bribes. This is almost like the pot calling the kettle black since T-Mobile is also aggressively trying to convince other carriers’ customers to abandon ship. True to the rumors, it did unveil during its Un-carrier 4.0 keynote at CES 2014 last month its program to shoulder ETFs of those switching from the three other major US carriers.

For its part, AT&T claims that the arrangement was never meant to be a long-lasting thing but a time-limited promo that ended Januray 31st. The carrier has other offers in place that also encourage switchers without being exclusive to T-Mobile subscribers.

VIA: TechnoBuffalo