AT&T has announced the latest 4G LTE coverage. This time around we are seeing coverage as having been added in five markets in five states. One area included in this bunch, Parkersburg-Marietta, deals with both West Virginia and Ohio.

Otherwise, the remaining coverage is as follows; Ketchikan, Alaska; Maui, Hawaii; Cambridge, Ohio and Meadville, Pennsylvania. While the new coverage is always nice to see, the better part may be about the network as a whole.

AT&T has said the 4G LTE build is expected to be “essentially complete” by this summer. And at the present time there is AT&T 4G LTE coverage available for “nearly” 280 million people. A full list of markets can be seen in this most recent AT&T LTE infographic.

And while the 4G LTE network rollout is expected to complete this summer — that just means more users will begin looking for AT&T LTE-Advanced coverage. We have yet to see much from AT&T in terms of the LTE-A network, however that did go live back in mid-March. Coverage was limited to one market (Chicago) and support was limited to one device (a mobile hotspot).