The last we heard about AT&T 4G LTE came earlier in the month when they promised that 50 new markets were still on track for this year. And well, it looks like AT&T has already begun working on that list. The carrier has added several new markets ranging across seven states.

Those states include Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, New York, Texas and Wisconsin. The coverage varies from state to state this time around but all have at least one new market getting 4G LTE coverage. Beginning first with Georgia and we find coverage coming to Moultrie and Tifton.

Next up, the coverage for Illinois includes Champaign and Springfield. Continuing through the list alphabetically and we come to Kentucky which is getting coverage for those in Mayfield and Paducah. Further coverage is also arriving for Tupelo, Mississippi and Corning, New York as well as Longview, Marshall and Tyler, Texas.

Last up on the list today is Wisconsin which will now have LTE available for those in Milwaukee and Stevens Point. That all being said, given the previous promise of 50 new markets before the end of 2013 — it looks like it will just be a matter of time before AT&T announces the next markets in the expansion.

Finally, based on the last update this meant AT&T had 4G LTE coverage available for more than 225 million people across 370 markets with an expectation of having it available for “nearly” 270 million people across “more than” 400 markets before the end of the year.