Since first announcing the Samsung GALAXY S 4 live on stage, we haven’t seen or heard anything official, from any carriers, regarding the 32 GB model of the popular handset. The 16GB GALAXY S 4 is readily available from multiple carriers, but so far we haven’t seen the 32 or 64GB flavor hit the street. Well, today AT&T just confirmed they’ll be offering the 32GB GALAXY S 4 starting May 10th.

We aren’t sure if there was a small delay from Samsung or if they are having issues meeting demand, but the 32GB model of the GALAXY S 4 has been missing in action until today. Last week we learned US Cellular wouldn’t even be offering a version over the standard 16GB option, but now at least AT&T will be able to help.

In case you missed the news. Thanks to all the pretty awesome features (and some not so awesome) of the GALAXY S 4, that 16GB smartphone only comes with about 8.5GB usable out of the box. This has caused quite the controversy lately from power users wanting more storage on their devices. So now at least you’ll be happy to know the 32GB model should have around 25GB for you to fill with apps, games, movies, music and more.

Today the folks from AT&T confirmed the news on Twitter. Stating the 32GB Samsung GALAXY S 4 would be available on May 10th, which is Friday, and will cost users $249 with a new 2-year contract as usual. So while we still have a while to wait for that 64GB exclusive model, those that wanted more storage can get it later this week.

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