Amazon is really pushing the Atrix 4G for AT&T, dropping the price another twenty bucks to $129.99 with a 2-year contract through MaBell. The 4G Smartphone, which is powerful enough to double as a laptop with the optional dock, is listed at AT&Ts website for $199 subsidized. So, the online retailer seems to have an inside track on so much Atrix inventory that it can undercut even their own suppliers and still swing a profit? Or, more likely they anticipate high demand for users to want the laptop option but are experiencing some sticker shock on the $500 price, thereby giving them motivation to buy both and stay under $700. More sedentary users can use the optional HD Multimedia Dock for $90 plus free shipping. Great if you love movies.

The Atrix gets it’s power from it’s dual-core 1Ghz processor running Android 2.2 (Froyo). With that kind of speed, it can go neck and neck with laptops and netbooks that were popular with the traveling set of the business world. The optional dock comes with a dock in the back, an 11.6 inch screen, and full QWERTY keyboard. The internal rechargable battery offers up to 8 hours of use. Should users wish to purchase the Atrix without subsidy, the price is $699. Add to the cost of the laptop dock and you’re looking at a 1Ghz dual core computer for $1200. So it’s easy to see the allure of suffering with AT&T for a short period of time, especially when Amazon is offering such a great deal on it.

[via UnWired View]

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