Since the day aTrackdog was released it has by far been my most used app. I use it at least twice a day. I’m kind of obsessed with keeping my apps updated even if the update breaks the app which is the case way too often. But, the thing I like most about this app is the fact that shows updates that are in the testing phase that we are not even supposed to know about until the developer makes them public. The next update to the newly released Twitter Client could be huge if it does come to fruition. Atrackdog shows there is a Qik port being tested somewhere in the world for the official Twitter app. Although, this could just be some type of codename for the next release.

This app is already highly polished, it effortlessly integrates with the Android OS to make sharing things really easy. If Qik gets thrown into the mix that will take this app head and shoulders above every other twitter app (it’s already the best IMO). For those of you that are not familiar with Qik, it allows you to stream live video from your Android handset over the web to share with anyone you choose. It also works over Wi-Fi or whatever data connection you currently have. Can you imagine sharing live video with your followers/stalkers on Twitter? That would be awesome, I hope the testing for this going well and see this feature added soon.