Whomever invented the pop-up advertising must surely be one of the most cursed persons in history, and now the huge stream of pop-up ads is following us even to our handheld devices. Thankfully, there are still some developers out there with enough nous to give us browser alternatives, including Tod Liebeck, who developed the Atlas Web Browser as an answer to browsing privacy.

The Atlas Web Browser – now a free app download via the Google Play Store – was designed to overcome the common irritations and problems we have in Android web browsers. But more than that, it also aims to defeat the obnoxious advertising, excessive Javascript and even the annoying mobile “optimized” pages that we view on our smartphones and tablets.


One of the main benefits from this app is content filtering, which utilizes AdBlockPlus’s filters to turn off advertising and privacy tracking that some websites (ok, most websites) employ. You can also choose browsing modes (Hi-Fi, Lo-Fi, and Text) – with Hi-Fi showing all website details for normal browsing, Lo-Fi disabling all Javascript, and Text mode which is just that – a text-only version of the website you’re looking at.


A few extras are available when you avail of the paid add-on, namely, that you are able to open more than four tabs in one browsing session. The unlocked mode also gives you a dual, side-by-side mode of two websites – a feature most users are asking to be built in to Android itself. Also, the app is designed via Android L’s Material Design, and so you can expect the app to be even more awesome when the latest version of Android rolls out. Check the source link for the download. Alternatively, you can also check the official XDA forum for bugs and other info.

SOURCE: Google Play Store