One of the best apps for retro gamers on the iOS platform is the Atari Greatest Hits app. The app has been downloaded a bunch on the iOS platform and has spawned some little arcade cabinets of the iPad in the process. The Atari Greatest hits app is now coming to Android for retro gaming fans to enjoy.

The app includes 100 different retro games from the hit arcade classics of the 80’s like Missile Command, Asteroids, and Pong to more obscure titles. The app will sell for $9.99 on the Android Market and has 100 games total. If you only want to pick and choose, you can download the app and then buy packs of your favorites for 99 cents each.

The app is on the Android Market right now. One of my favorite early arcade games is in the iOS version. It is called Red Barron and has you flying around in a line art biplane shooting down others and avoiding enemy defenses. This app is lots of fun.

[via TG Daily]