If you own an ASUS Zenwatch 2 or the newer Zenwatch 3, then you probably were pretty excited when it was confirmed that they will be receiving the Android Wear 2.0 update, which will supposedly make you feel like you have a brand new smartwatch. But you apparently shouldn’t hold your breath that the update will be coming soon since a customer response indicates that it will still be a couple of months more until it starts rolling out to users.

Someone asked the ASUS North America Twitter account as to when they were going to receive the update, as some were expecting it last week after the announcement at the beginning of this month that Android Wear 2.0 will be coming soon. But according to ASUS, the roll-out start date was indeed last week but you can expect the update to reach the users of the Zenwatch 2 and 3 by 2nd quarter of this year. So that’s anytime from April – June and that is still a long wait for some.

Zenwatch users will probably envy the owners of the Fossil Q Founder, as their Twitter account replied to an inquiry as well, but this time, the news was better. Well, maybe. They said that the update will be “released” by mid-March, but that may also mean like what ASUS said, that it’s the start of the roll-out and so it may reach users a little later.

But either way, smartwatch users that have devices receiving Android Wear 2.0 may just have to be patient a little longer. They also have the option to buy a new smartwatch if they really can’t wait, like the LG Watch Sport or Watch Style which will have the updated one out of the box.

VIA: Android Police, Fossil