The ZenFone 4 series has already arrived but ASUS still has the ZenFone 3 phones to work on. Now that Android Oreo is here, we’re just waiting for ASUS to release the new Android version to most of its smartphones. This isn’t Oreo yet but the ZenFone 3 Zoom is ready to receive the ZenUI 4.0 via FOTA update. This update is specifically for the ZenFone 3 Zoom model ZE553KL.

The release will be an autopush so don’t be surprised if you see new stuff on your phone or at least just the notification. You can choose not to get the update prompt by changing the option on Setting> About> System Update> then just choose Update manually. This ZenUI 4.0 will upgrade the system user

This ZenUI 4.0 will upgrade the system user interface on your ZenFone 3 Zoom and offer improved SystemUI stability. The update version is V23.40.97.58 dated September 14, 2017. With the update, your smartphone will be smoother and smarter with the more refined classic ZenUI. It has become more minimalistic so it is cleaner, lighter, and smarter looking.

The ZenUI 4.0 delivers AI skills to Gallery so photos are organized and automatically sorted. You can set and see your preferred groups of family members or friends. Gallery will then automatically add photos to the predefined groups. The result is a faster mobile experience every time you use your phone because images are sorted while offline.

With the update, you can always see a new Wallpaper every time you turn on your phone or unlock screen. You can see more options online for more wallpaper designs and visuals. There’s also the new animated themes that give life to your phone, changing scenes every time.

ZenUI 4.0 also includes Safeguard so your loved ones know where you are. You can take advantage of the Report Location feature when needed or trigger an SOS. It will come in handy during an emergency because you can send out messages or contact an emergency number from your current location.

For the mobile gamers, there’s the Game Genie that will help you with the games by providing walkthroughs, record gameplay, look for cheats, or live stream when you have to. This also includes the Lock mode to avoid accidental switching between screens and Macro that can create a script and then repeat frequent in-game actions.

The ZenUI 4.0 also includes Page Marker so you can save webpages and articles for later reading. There’s Twin Apps as well that allows you to log into two accounts on a platform, whether messaging or social media, on one device.