ASUS has ended up playing a cruel joke on Transformer Infinity TF700 users today with an update to both the TF700 and Transformer Pad TF300 tablets. Many TF700 users initially thought the update was Jelly Bean, but it turned out to be just a maintenance update that fixes some bugs and improves performance a little. The TF700 update includes updated firmware for the camera, as well as a simplified boot animation. The TF300 received mostly minor bug fixes, since it’s already on Jelly Bean.

ASUS released its Transformer Infinity TF700 tablet back in July, and users have been waiting on a Jelly Bean update ever since, but there’s no word from the company as to when they will be bringing Google’s latest version of Android to the TF700. Hopefully its users will be able to take advantage of Jelly Bean soon, especially since the TF700 is more than capable of running such a sophisticated operating system.

The TF700 runs off of an NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor at 1.6GHz with 1GB of RAM. It’s 10.1-inch LED display with a 1920×1200 resolution definitely impresses, and it doesn’t hurt that it has all the necessary amenities like an 8MP camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS. It also sports a microSD card slot and a port for mini-HDMI.

TF700 and TF300 users are seeing their update arrive at different times, so if you haven’t seen an update notification yet, be patient while ASUS rolls it out to you. In the meantime, don’t get your hopes up for Jelly Bean this time. However, hopefully ASUS gets the message that its users seriously want it.

[via Droid Life]