Dear Asus: please get your disparate public relations teams to talk to one another. Follow along, if you will: way back in 2011, before the Eee Pad Transformer Prime came out, Asus assured the many owners of the original Transformer TF101 that they’d be getting a timely update to Ice Cream Sandwich as well. In January, just after Prime owners were enjoying some tasty ICS, Asus said they had planned the OG update for February. Then the Singapore branch of Asus stated on their Facebook page that the update could be coming as late as March.

Now the UK branch says on their Facebook page that the update is still on schedule, and is coming before the end of this month. (Note that the last two aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive – localization takes time and resources.) Asus assures its customers that they’re working hard and still aiming for a February release, giving them another week to get it out. That probably means that the update for North America will come at the same time, what with UK and American English being so similar.

This isn’t the first (or second, or third) time that we’ve seen conflicting reports from Facebook, especially when it comes to the eastern and western branches of the company, and especially on Facebook. OG Transformer owners, hurry up and wait – or just start modding your tablets, since there’s already a few Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs floating around out there. Always remember to back up.

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