Remember the days when people would laugh at you for even thinking about using a physical keyboard with your tablet? Nowadays, tablet keyboards, especially those that double as covers, seem to be gaining traction and ASUS is coming out with its own unique, if not strange-looking, contraption.

The TransKeyboard sports the usual features you’d find in most wireless keyboards these days. it’s ultra-slim and light profile keeps the burden of carrying an accessory to a minimum. It connects to a tablet, or even a smartphone, via Bluetooth 3.0, which should support most mobile devices today. It has an instant on/off switch and can be charged via a micro USB cable. ASUS says that, due to the microfiber materials used, the TransKeyboard acts as a protective cover as well, though it doesn’t really say how tablets would be kept in place, even in the video that you’ll find below.

The ASUS TransKeyboard shows off it’s peculiar personality in the way it props up a paired device. While other keyboard covers require tablets to somehow attach to the cover, the TransKeyboard’s flap folds into a stand and is kept in place by magnets. Of course, this means that there is only one fixed angle for setting up the tablet, but that is rather common with this type of accessory. The cover can support ASUS tablets from 5 to 10 inches, though, being a Bluetooth wireless keyboard, almost any device can make use of the cover as long as the stand can hold up its weight. Naturally, there is no OS preference and both Android and Windows tablets work just fine.

ASUS has not yet made known when the TransKeyboard cover and wireless keyboard will be come available in the market. Pricing details are still unknown as of the moment.



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