Of all places, I bet you wouldn’t expect to see the highly anticipated ASUS Transformer Prime debuting in your local GameStop this weekend. However, there is a catch – it will be on display and not for sale.This will be a great time to give this tablet a test-drive to make sure it’s worth getting for either yourself or as a gift during the holiday season. We can’t imagine you’d be disappointed in the least, but it’s always best to get a personal hands-on before forking over that much money on anything.

Remember, this is the first tablet to sport NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 Quad-Core processor so try pushing it to the limit. As far as reviews go, Chris Burns wrote an excellent one of the device just today – so be sure to check it out. Just like the first ASUS Transformer, the lower dock assembly will be sold separately. Whether or not that will be included within the in-store display is unknown, but they work superbly well together so I don’t see why they wouldn’t.

The best way to find out if your GameStop will be getting any in is to call your local store directly. I’m sure they will know when/what shipments come in. I imagine more popular stores will receive them first, but since this device will exclusively be available in GameStop before other places they could be populated throughout all of them. And if you’re wondering how the Transformer Prime compares to other devices, SlashGear has conducted a great benchmark comparison.

[via Android and Me]


  1. This is a very smart move by GameStop – they’ve been working with game vendors to encourage people to buy games from their brick and mortar stores with decent success, now they’re doing the same thing with tablets and moving into the field by throwing on something lots of people will enjoy right off the bat – games!  This gives you good reason to go into the store and if the staff get decent with tablets etc. that could really help bring people into the stores when they have a question or problem with their tablet.  Bravo GameStop – way to go and avoid being another Blockbuster video rental disaster.

  2. SHWEEET! Just called the Gamestop in my hood and they have it on display!  Can wait to get my grubby little fingers all over it…

  3. AC is a dork for posting a headline like this and leading people on just to get traffic. Ruins your credibility. Takes about 2 seconds to feel mislead and leave your site.

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