Last week ASUS opened up a registration page for owners of the Eee Pad Transformer Pad who were dissatisfied with the all-metal tablet’s GPS reception, promising to send them an external GPS dongle to fix the issue. The first of those dongles (or as ASUS calls them, the “TF201 GPS Extension Kit”) are now reaching owners’ homes. If you havent’s ordered one, you can register your Transformer Prime and apply for a free dongle at the ASUS support site.

While we’re sure that the GPS dongle works, it’s certainly not an ideal solution. The plastic device plugs into the main docking port (blocking both charging and the keyboard dock) and affecting the Prime’s svelte profile in a less than aesthetically pleasing way. The problems with GPS reception, and WiFi to a lesser extent, come from the all-aluminum chassis of the Prime, something that ASUS rectified with the new Transformer Pad 300 model.

If you haven’t ordered your free dongle yet, you might want to hurry – presumably there’s a limited supply of them, and ASUS will stop receiving applications on July 31st. Based on initial user feedback, the free shipping takes about a week. Even if you don’t use the Transformer Prime’s GPS function, you might want it anyway. And as unsightly as the plastic extension is, it’s better than hearing “you’re holding it wrong.”

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[via Droid-Life]


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  2. The product must be Recalled and Replaced with the TF700t or TF300 which actually meets the specification given on the TF201 (originally). It keeps loosing WiFi when other devices show a good signal and the GPS is not worth talking about. The proposed dongle does nothing with the WiFi problem and i do not accept it as a solution since it was not part of the specification when i bought the device. Lastly the keyboard clips split in two when the screen is tilted back a little. SAD, SAD, SAD. Other than that its Great Device.


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