If you’re one of those who have ASUS‘ earliest Transformer Pad sitting in a corner somewhere, now might be a good time to dust it off. Coming from XDA is an unofficial port of MultiROM for the hybrid device that could give it not just a new chance at life but even multiple lives.

The ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T is practically two years old by now. It can be considered as the granddaddy of today’s breed of tablets that double as notebooks via a keyboard dock. The device is definitely showing its age and ASUS has brought out newer iterations of the line. Those who have a certain fondness for the tablet/notebook hybrid can now use it for newer purposes.

Of course, there will be many ROMs available for the Transformer Pad TF300T, but some might be better than others. For those who can’t decide between them, MultiROM might offer a way for them to make up their mind, or even never at all. MultiROM allows Android devices to have multiple custom ROMs installed all at once. This will let users test out various ROMs and switch between them without having to perform wipes and reinstalls every time. Users can take their pick of custom ROM, provided, of course, the device is supported.

This MultiROM port, however, is not only unofficial but also in the early stages. As such, there will still be some bugs and missing features. For now, it still doesn’t support storing the ROMs on an external SD card, though they can be installed on an external USB drive. Installing Ubuntu Touch as a ROM is also currently unsupported. Other than that, it seems that the MultiROM port is working quite well and might give Transformer Pad owners a new reason to play with their devices again.