ASUS‘ current wearable, the ZenWatch had a pretty great two-day battery life, for a device on the Android Wear platform. It looks like they’re trying to top that with a new smartwatch that they’re launching, and this time, it’s not just 2 days or even 5 days, but it claims it can run on 10 days without recharging it. Will the VivoWatch live up to its promise of being a fitness-centric smartwatch?

There are not much details available about this upcoming new wearable, but the OEM did say that this device will last for 10 days, even as you’re using it. It also has an iP67 rating, which means it has the same dust and water resistance as other smartphones and wearables. Since it wants to focus on fitness, it also has the usual heart-rate monitor and sleep tracking features.

Based on the picture, it looks like it will not be running on the Android Wear platform, but instead it will operate on its own Android-based system. It sports a black-and-white display, which is probably how it will last for 10 days. There is a mysterious green bar or colored light indicator somewhere at the bottom, but we can only speculate at this point what its actual function is.

All will be revealed when the Asus VivoWatch will be launched at the Milan Design Week, which kicks off today. There are already a few devices out there that promise better battery life, like the Pebble Time, Fitbit Surge, etc. So this new smartwatch better offer something else, like an affordable price, or a never before seen feature, in order to actually make a splash.

VIA: SlashGear