“Green or Blue? One or Two?” are the questions ASUS is asking. The video, seen below, is a teaser for their CES announcement, in which they want to know our preference. Green… or blue? Some are speculating it will be a color option, perhaps even switchable plates. Other think it’s going to be a dual-booting Windows device. We think it’s a lot more Android than that.

Green or blue. It’s a fork in the road, but one we think you can come back to and choose at-will. Sometimes the best option later turns out to be one you wish you hadn’t made. That’s kind of ASUS’s M.O., though, isn’t it? Why choose. They’re pretty firmly entrenched in their tablets-that-are-phones lineup, and clearly have a level of success they’re comfortable with. We think this green-blue choice is one they’re asking we make, but it’s not long term. Like the choice between a phone or tablet, ASUS isn’t going to hold you to it — you can have both.

One or two. Also a good query, and another ASUS-ish question to ask. We know they just love the dual device thing, but is that what they’re getting at? They can’t really be teasing a dual-device offering because it’s not new. They do that all the time, so what would be the use of teasing something you are doing anyway? We just don’t think anyone has put bat to ball yet. One and two, though… it has us thinking.

Green, blue, one, two. If Dr. Seuss were here, he’d know straight away. We’re left to guess until January sixth at high noon, in Las Vegas. For now, we think we know what’s going on, though. We’re going to go out on a limb and say this will dual boot — Android and Cyanogen. We’re also going to go ahead and say that it will be another phone-tablet combo, and the devices can run different OS’s. We think you’ll be able to put your phone on Cyanogen, and your tablet on Android — or vice versa. Green? Check. Blue? Yup. One-two? Best combo around, no doubt. We’ll be at CES to bring you the official news, though, so be sure to keep checking back.