So you’ve got the topline gaming smartphone to enjoy phone games to their full potential, but wait, did you forget the most important aspect of gaming? Yes, we are talking about the sound output. Asus ROG Phone 3 is arguably the best gaming phone you can get right now and to enhance the experience three-folds, they have teamed up with Swedish audio pros, Dirac Research, for a digital audio system. According to Bryan Chang, General Manager, smartphone business unit, Asus; “As the gaming industry becomes more competitive, audio quality is proving to be a key component consumers consider when making purchases.”

Dirac has brought their finest headphone optimization magic along with the impulse and magnitude response correction to the Asus gaming headsets. This audio technology upgrades the resultant sound to be natural and balanced, making them ideal for advanced gaming and music listening sessions. The in-game dialogues are crisper and the voice is intelligible.

The gaming headsets are tailored for multiplayer games or Battle Royale titles where acoustic detail is the difference between winning and losing. For example, the voice of faint footsteps a floor above you, helps you identify the enemy and be one step ahead of them. Dirac brings improved separation technology to make this possible for pro gamers. Mats Oberg, Dirac’s Chief Sales Officer said, “The core Dirac tech implemented within these ROG headsets is the result of years of work in the hi-fi and home theater markets – where audio performance is of paramount importance.”

For now the Dirac-optimized ROG Phone 3 series headsets include ROG Cetra/Cetra Core, ROG Cetra RGB, ROG Delta/Delta Core, and ROG Delta White Edition. Also, other headsets coming with the audio giant’s expertise are ROG Strix Go 2.4, ROG Strix Fusion 300/Strix Fusion 300 PNK LTD, ROG Theta Electret, and ROG Theta 7.1. Together the Asus ROG Phone 3 and these Dirac optimized headsets will push the phone gaming experience up a notch for sure!