The original PadFoneASUS‘s combination smartphone and tablet – has received a software update from the device maker, bringing it up to version With this update comes several big changes, most of them being in the form of stability improvements and enhancements to already-existing features.

Before getting into the updates, the bad news is that users are still stuck running Android 4.1 rather than the latest version. The software is a little better than it was before the update, however, and so users – particularly those who may be experiencing some issues – should be pleased. The latest version is available for download from the maker’s website.

The biggest change users will likely notice is improved stability across both the tablet mode and the smartphone mode, with more precise changes including a strengthening of the Bluetooth and wireless Internet connections. Those who complained about having issues with either should see that change – or at least improve – with this update.

With this version, there has also been an optimization of the function that allows users to switch between a Bluetooth headset and a Bluetooth speaker. In addition, FM radio broadcasts should be more “stable,” according to the change log that comes with the update. The email function has also seen an enhancement, though ASUS doesn’t detail what this is comprised of.

Security has also been a topic in this update, with both the device and its SD card data seeing improvements to security. Those things aside, there has also been a general enhancement of the performance and interfaces of the device’s applications. Do you have an original PadFone? Let us know what you think after upgrading!

SOURCE: Android Police