When Google announced that their Nexus 7 tablet would be getting a price drop on October 29th, and that the 8GB model would be replaced with a 16GB offering it was good news. Sadly, many paid $249 for the 16GB model only to see it drop in price a few days later — and I’m sure a few were upset. In Europe ASUS has confirmed they’ll be rewarding vouchers to those who purchased before October 29th.

On October 29th Google announced the new 32GB and HSPA+ capable Nexus 7 tablet. The same day they announced the 16GB model would now be offered for the same price as the 8GB version before it. Obviously many are upset with the fact that a few days ago they paid much more than it currently costs now.

ASUS UK has confirmed that users who purchased the Nexus 7 before October 29th are eligible to receive a €30 voucher, or €25 in the UK right from ASUS themselves to make up the difference. Users in Europe that purchased the tablet before the 29th from Google or ASUS only are eligible. You’ll need to register the tablet online, with receipt (proof of purchase), and apply for the voucher before November 30th.

Sadly the voucher will only be good in the ASUS online store. Users can snag a free case, additional chargers, or whatever else you feel the need to purchase from the ASUS online store. So far this is the only report of any sort of voucher program, but we have a feeling the US and other regions could get the same treatment. We know many of you are upset over the change so stay tuned for more details.

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