Remember that accessory for the Nexus 7 everyone has been waiting for, that elusive tablet dock? Well, after plenty of waiting it appears to finally be available right from Google in the Play Store. Today it arrived for the low price of $29.99, and you can get one right this minute for our favorite 7-inch slate.

For some reason or another official accessories for most Nexus devices appear to be few and far between. Not only that but they’re usually priced a bit overboard. We’re happy to confirm that not only is the official ASUS and Google Nexus 7 dock available today from the Play Store, but it’s priced reasonably at just $29.99.

Initial reports and even early shipments from online retailers like B&H were charging $39.99, and we heard many of your complaints that this was simply too much money. It sounds like Google heard them too, because they’ve dropped the price by $10 and makes this actually a little more justifiable. We say that justifies the purchase a bit more, and that is because the dock doesn’t offer HDMI or any video out. Sadly this is just a pretty dock that also featured micro-USB for charging, and your usual audio outputs to stream some music.

$40 bones for a simple stand and some audio features wasn’t all that fancy, but the lower price isn’t so bad for the Android faithful. I’ve already ordered my own and the Play Store estimates shipments will go out in 1-2 weeks. Why they can’t offer faster times like the rest of the world, we’ll never know. They’ve also limited ordered to 2 per person so hopefully it won’t go out of stock too fast. If you’ve been eying an awesome stand and dock for the Nexus 7, here’s your chance.

[via Play Store]

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