Aside from ARCHOS, ASUS also is introducing a new line of tablets that are ideal for the business professionals. The M Series is a new line of pro Android tablets that offer remote management. The new ASUS tablets will be ready in two sizes: a 7-inch and a 10-inch version. Both tablets will offer WiFi and LTE connectivity already.

If you’re a follower of ASUS, you may notice that the tablets look a lot like the Asus ZenPad 10 and ZenPad 7. It’s easy to dismiss that the ASUS M is just another tablet series but making this a winner is the ADAM. It’s not a new endorser but rather a new system for device management. ADAM stands for ‘Asus Device Admin for Mobile’.

The tablets are available with 7 or 10-inch displays and support WiFi and LTE connectivity. The key selling point is the remote management software which Asus calls Adam (Asus Device Admin for Mobile). With this software, IT managers can easily manage tablets they would be issuing to employees. The system is perfect for those companies or organizations that provide tablets for official business use.

Some of the things that a manager can do with the ADAM system on the ASUS M tablets include enabling a kiosk mode that will lock a tablet so an employee can’t exit an app. A manager can also check status, view screenshots, and lock a tablet before a major update is released across all devices being managed. When it comes to updating apps, you can update all devices at the same time. If a tablet is stolen or missing, the manager can always lock a unit or totally wipe any data.

We have no information on the pricing and availability of the ASUS M tablets but we’re hoping to know more about the tablet at the MWC next week.

VIA: Notebook Italia