Asus Chromebit

The smaller, the better. Computer nowadays don’t need to be bulky. From heavy laptops, our mobile computers are smaller now than ever. We have netbooks, ultrabooks, and of course, Chromebooks. As for desktop computers, you don’t need to get a CPU tower just to have a kick-ass system. You can either use your high-specced laptop, an all-in-one PC, or something as small as this: a Chromebit.

This new Chrome OS stick from ASUS is a small device that offers full computer services. Think Chromecast but with more computing powers. All you need to do is plug it into any display, a monitor or a TV, and you have a mini computer. This small Chrome device is like one portable Chromebook because you can bring and use it anywhere. No need to lug around a heavy laptop if you have this Chromebit carrying your important files with you.

Plug the Chromebit into an HDMI port and you’ll soon have Chrome OS running. The small HDMI dongle also features Bluetooth, WiFi, a full-size USB port, and microUSB. Of course, like any other computer, you can use a mouse or a wired keyboard but you can always use Bluetooth versions.

The Chromebit is powered by a Rockchip 3288 quadcore processor. It will be available this summer for less than $100.