ASUS Smartphone Xenon Flash Unit

Not content with just the Zenfone 2, ASUS also rolled out various accessories for the new flagship phone. Most notable is this smartphone flash unit from Xenon ideal for the Zenfone 2. ASUS also showed off a powerbank called the ZenPower and a new View Flip Cover. All these accessories are made especially for the latest Zenfone.

ASUS wants to be ahead of the game and one of its strategies is to offer a new camera technology. We mentioned earlier that the new Zenfone 2 boasts of a 13 megapixel camera with PixelMaster technology. To beat its competitors, ASUS is adding a Xenon flash dongle you can attach on the back of the smartphone. Officially called as the ZenFlash, this small device can actually be connected to other ASUS smartphones via the USB OTG. This thing makes possible the super bright backlighting of images up to 400x stronger than smaller LED flashes found in most smartphones in the market today. The results as you know it are clearer and brighter photos.

There’s also the LolliFlash, another Flash accessory that attaches to a phone via the headphone jack. This circular LED light features yellow, blue, and red filters for a more dramatic effect. No information how much or when the ZenFlash and Lolliflash will be available.

ASUS Zenfone 2

Of course, we already know the View Flip Cover but versions for the  5.5-inch and 5-inch ZenFone 2 models are available for 699 yuan ($112).


The ZenPower Powerbank is now available in different capacities. The 9600mAh capacity version comes with a 499 yuan ($71) price tag. There’s another version with a maximum of 25600mAh capacity but we have no information on pricing and availability yet.