It is always good to hear from companies trying to bring new technologies to help mankind. There are companies who are developing robots for that purpose, there are already humanoid bots that are not yet commercialized. And now, ASUS plans to develop their own Android-based robot.

Many of the humanoid bots out there are either weird or ugly, and some of them are just creepy. What kind of robot is on ASUS’s mind, well, we are not sure, but they are planning to develop an Eee bot. Will it be a Netbook-looking kind of robot? Who knows, but it is intended to serve as an educational tool for young children.

Whether this Android-based EeeBot will be consumer-friendly is to be seen. The ASUS EeeBot is said to include voice and visual technologies as well as navigation abilities. So what do you think folks? Would you buy an EeeBot from ASUS? If you would, you will have to wait a little longer before signing that check, since production for this Android will begin in about two years.

[Via SlashGear]