ASUS originally unveiled the Qube Google TV set-top box back in January during CES. At the time they offered some details, but left the pricing and availability as a mystery. Since then though, we have heard very little about the Qube. That is, until now. It seems the ASUS Qube is going to be available rather soon, except as of now it seems to have been rebranded as the ASUS Cube.

Aside from the bit about the Qube now sporting the more traditional spelling of Cube, it appears as if the set-top box will be available by way of Newegg. We would expect other retailers to begin offering the device, but for now the product listings seem to be limited to this one retailer. According to the Newegg listing, the ASUS Cube will sell for $139.99 and it will be available beginning on April 24.

Pre-orders are available at this time and in fact, those who place an order before April 23 will get a $10 gift card. Aside from the bit about the Cube being a Google TV, those making the purchase will also get 50GB of ASUS WebStorage for free. The Cube ships with a “do it all” remote control and has Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Ethernet connectivity.

Other specs for the ASUS Cube include HDMI in and out as well as two USB 2.0 ports and an IR Blaster out. Touching back on that do it all remote, that is basically to say that it will have a touchpad on the front, a QWERTY keypad on the back and those who plan to use their Cube to stream Netflix should be right at home given a special red button will be on the remote for quick and easy access.

[via Liliputing]

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